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01.What kind of undelivered payments & assets are we talking about?

Undelivered payments and assets can take many forms. The most common are: Security deposits, vendor payments, insurance policy refunds, insurance claims, credit balances, refunds, life insurance payments to beneficiaries, unknown inheritances, stocks/bonds/dividends/mutual funds, bank accounts, escrow accounts, and wages/commissions/royalties.

02.Why didn’t I receive the payment or asset to begin with?

The reason these undelivered payments/assets occur may be due to incorrect mailing addresses, mail forwarding has expired, businesses may have been closed/sold/dissolved/bankruptcy, the existence of payments/assets are unknown to heirs, name changes due to divorce, death of the original owner.

03.Why am I entitled to these payments?

If you are listed as the owner of record and you can document the address listed on the original payment(s), then you are entitled to that payment. If the original owner of record is deceased, then their heirs or beneficiaries are entitled to the original payments. If a business has been closed/sold/dissolved or has filed bankruptcy, the owners are entitled to the payments.

04.What documentation do I have to provide in order to recover my payment?

This varies depending on the nature of the payment/asset. If this is an inheritance issue, a death certificate/will/trust document or probate paperwork may be required. If the payment is for a company no longer in business, then the owners must provide proof of ownership. If the payment was misdirected due to an address discrepancy, the owner must document a historical connection to that original payment address.

05.Will my personal information be protected?

Yes, your personal information will be protected. The funds custodians have a fiduciary responsibility to safeguard your funds and may request information such as: Corporate tax ID numbers (EIN/TIN), social security numbers, etc. At NO time will we at Funds Recovery Network request or collect such data nor will it be retained in our files.

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