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About Us

About Us

Funds Recovery Network was founded by Len Kyle in 2009. He is currently semi-retired and resides in South Lake Tahoe. Previously, Len was president of Corporate Recovery Services, Inc. and his company performed a similar funds recovery function for the managed care operations of Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Michigan.

Funds Recovery Network is a funds recovery network organization established with the aim to assist in cryptocurrency recovery from fraudulent brokers and internet fraudsters.

Ever since 2014 and shortly after the credit crash in the USA, people lost their confidence in banks and the traditional ways of investing money. This likely happened because most investments were made through the banks themselves.

People started to look for alternative investment methods and rightly so. However this opened a window of opportunity for fraudulent activities and allowed “scam brokers” to saturate the market.

After thoroughly researching this field over the years, we at Payback have found several legal loopholes and various methods available to allow retrieval of funds that have either been stolen or misused

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